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Acquaint yourself with some of our new custom probes. What can we make for you?

Our New Miniature Ball Sizes Help You to Probe Small Features

replacement balls

A lot of things are getting smaller, and so are the styli that measure them. Q-Mark has recently added several new miniature ball sizes to help probe small features. We now stock 1.20 mm ruby balls, nicely filling the gap between our 1.00 and 1.35 mm rubies. In silicon nitride balls, we now offer 0.80 mm and 1.35 mm. And in zirconia, you can choose between 0.60, 0.70, 0.80, 1.00, and 1.50 mm diameters. Of course, we’ve offered 0.20 mm ruby balls for about two years. They’re about the size of a grain of table salt!

Working with tiny spheres requires good magnification, excellent lighting, and steady hands. These tiny styli are individually hand-crafted by our talented assemblers. The spheres on the finished styli are hard to see without magnification. The miniature spheres allow engineers to measure new products with very small features.

Fishhook-Shaped Styli

fishhook shaped styli

This is a pair of fishhook-shaped styli. They feature 3.0 mm diameter ruby balls bonded to 2.0 mm diameter carbide stems. Both have 5.0 mm diameter stainless steel bodies with M3 threads. Their overall length is 73.0 mm. They weigh in at about 12.0 grams each.

Custom Offset 4-Way Star Probes

4-Way Star Probes

This is our custom offset 4-way star probe. It features four carbide balls on carbide stems that are arranged in perpendicular pairs. It has a stainless steel base with M5 threads, a carbon fiber body, and a custom tip with an internal M3 thread. It weighs 10.63 grams.

Diamond-Tipped Styli in a Variety of Ball Sizes

diamond tipped styli

Q-Mark now offers diamond-tipped styli in ball sizes ranging from 1.0 to 5.0 mm diameter.  We stock two kinds of diamond spheres: solid diamond, and diamond coated.  Solid diamond spheres are superb for probing hard or abrasive surfaces.  Diamond coated spheres are recommended for probing soft alloys, like aluminum. 

Ruby Balls

This is one of several 0.6 mm (.024”) diameter ruby balls drilled on our ultrasonic machining center today.  A steel gage pin protrudes from the blind hole in the ball to facilitate handling.  The precision hole in the ruby ball is about 0.3 mm diameter x 0.3 mm deep.  We drill our own 0.5 mm diameter ruby balls (and larger), too. 

Get started designing your own probes with the help of our worksheets. 

  • To design your own standard probe, go HERE.
  • To design your own miniature probe, go HERE.
  • To design your own disk probe, go HERE.

We have the probes and fixturing you need.

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