Fixlogix Component Kits

Fixlogix’s new component kit for small/medium size parts and CMMs is becoming very popular. For over 50% of the applications in the field, the ¾” diameter standoffs are the way to go. Even better: the “small” component kit costs $860.00, so it is even more affordable. Now is a great time to acquire a very cost effective component kit that will enhance productivity on your CMMs.

FixLogix modular T-slot fixture systems simplify part-holding for inspection and assembly.

Infinite adjustability lets you put locating components where you need them without restriction. 

FixLogix costs a fraction of the price of competing systems, providing the most versatile and economical system on the market today.

Our systems are available in English and Metric.

  • Laser engraved fixture plates with reference scales and alpha-marked T-slots make repeat setups fast and simple.
  • Self-wedging tension clamps are extremely rigid, yet allow for near zero clamping force.
  • Slotted risers & cross-slides with reference scales provide infinite linear and angular adjustability in multiple axis.
  • Cross-compatible with many other fixture systems.







12" x 12":$150.0012" x 18":$210.00
36" x 60":$1722.0042" x 72":$2451.00
12 x 24":$262.0018" x 18":$294.00
18" x 24":$378.0024" x 24":$472.00
24" x 30":$590.0024" x 36":$705.00
24" x 48":$994.0036" x 48":$1386.00

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FixLogix CMM component kits are comprehensive, yet economical. The kits feature stainless steel and hard anodized components to reduce wear and corrosion.

Standard Component
Kit #CCK1
Price: $999.00
Small Part Component
Kit #CCK-75S
Price: $860.00

Save major time and money on frequent repeat setups with our Rapid turn-key CMM fixtures. A typical semi-dedicated fixture using FixLogix standard components on a 12” x 12” plate can be shipped in 24-48 hours, at a typical cost of $350-$500!

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We have the probes and fixturing you need.

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